Cryptonaut 50X70


Limited to 250 Prints on white 210g fine art paper, matte finishing, size 70 x 50cm (27.5 x 19.6 Inch)
Numbered and comes with an authentically signed Certificate of Authenticity by the artist.

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The astronaut in orbit Symbolize human’s nature of curiosity and exploration of the unknown.
 The ICO bubble in 2018 has been A necessity of the maturing process of this new technology. Ethereum’s smart contract has been a vital part in the birth of new blockchain projects during 2018 and of great value for the overall blockchain community’s growth.


I found inspiration to this painting through the general blockchain communities pure enthusiasm & believes in the problem solving tech behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies, that can contribute to a better world economically, environmentally and socially.

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The original painting holding a value of 1₿ was donated to Fragmentum in December 2018 to be fragmented into 480 pieces. The pieces of the original painting are attached to their products and numbered to create a physical blockchain through bitcoin.

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